Licenciatura en Ciencias Médicas en Nueva Gales del Sur Australia

Mejor Grados en Ciencias Médicas en Nueva Gales del Sur Australia

Ciencias Médicas

Australia es el tercer mayor número de estudiantes extranjeros en el mundo a pesar de tener una comunidad de sólo 23 millones. Son fuertes credenciales académicas, pero las instituciones australianas son tan altamente clasificado como las ciudades que los albergan alrededor de la tierra natal.

Once universidades funcionan en gran medida en esta ciudad. Por ejemplo, la Universidad popular de Sydney, la Universidad de Nueva Gales del Sur y la Universidad de Macquarie se encuentra aquí.

Mejor Grado en Ciencias Médicas en Nueva Gales del Sur en Australia

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Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Charles Sturt University
Campus Tiempo completo January 2017 Australia Port Macquarie

CSU's Bachelor of Physiotherapy primarily prepares graduates for registration and employment as physiotherapists. [+]

Licenciaturas en Ciencias Médicas en Nueva Gales del Sur Australia. CSU's Bachelor of Physiotherapy primarily prepares graduates for registration and employment as physiotherapists. Why study this course? What will I learn? You will graduate with the knowledge to formulate physiotherapeutic diagnoses and provide appropriate programs of the therapeutic exercise and treatments to those primarily with physical conditions. Studies in behavioural and biomedical science, as well as clinical experience, will prepare you for employment as an entry-level physiotherapist in a variety of health care settings, such as hospitals, community health centres, rehabilitation centres and private practices. You will also develop skills in learning, problem solving and decision making, which are essential for continued high-level practice as a physiotherapist. Professional recognition CSU's Bachelor of Physiotherapy has been awarded full accreditation with the Australian Physiotherapy Council (APC). Graduates of the course are eligible for registration in all states and territories of Australia, and may also work internationally. Career opportunities Physiotherapy is an important part of the health care environment. As experts in movement, physiotherapists play a key role in promoting, preventing and helping people across their lifespan maintain their health, physical function and lifestyle. Graduates work professionally as physiotherapists throughout the health care system; in hospitals, within the community, private practices, and organisations such as the Cerebral Palsy Alliance in a range of roles including: acute hospital work rehabilitation geriatric care private practitioners sports therapies You may also work in: education management research public or private healthcare sectors as a consultant. If you want a dynamic and rewarding health career, which exists in a fun and friendly community environment, physiotherapy offers diverse employment opportunities that can take you places within Australia and around the world. The demand for physiotherapists is growing across Australia and rural people, in particular, are increasingly finding themselves lacking a service sufficient for their needs. CSU graduates have a proven high employment rate. Credit and pathways If you are accepted into CSU's Bachelor of Physiotherapy and feel you have completed subjects or work experience that would be eligible for recognition, you can apply for credit after you have enrolled into the course. You will be required to submit sufficient documentation to the University for consideration. Common areas of credit are physiology and psychology. Credit may result in a reduced workload, but it is uncommon for credit to result in a reduced course duration. Admission information Indicative ATAR 90.00 CSU's Bachelor of Physiotherapy offers 40 places at Albury-Wodonga Campus, 40 places at Orange Campus and 40 places at Port Macquarie Campus for new students each year. These places are in high demand. Competition from year-to-year dictates the entry score, but as an indication, the published score is usually over 90.00. This includes Regional Bonus Points, available to eligible students who complete their schooling in regional NSW or Victoria. While there are no prerequisite HSC subjects specified for admission, the course involves the study of science-based subjects. Applicants will benefit from having studied English and mathematics as well as science subjects. Successful applicants who believe they do not have an appropriate science background may consider undertaking subjects offered in CSU's STUDY LINK supplementary program prior to commencing the course. Please note the TAFE Tertiary Preparation Certificate is not accepted for entry into the Bachelor of Physiotherapy. The application process The normal application process for CSU's Bachelor of Physiotherapy is through UAC or VTAC. STAT or UMAT scores are not considered for entry into CSU's Bachelor of Physiotherapy. For school leavers, the ATAR is all that is considered. For applicants who have studied at tertiary level, previous Grade Point Average (GPA) is the primary indicator, with their ATAR also considered. Over the past five years, the average GPA has been around 6.0. This constitutes a Distinction, or B or H2 average. If you are not accepted into this course, you are advised to consider whether physiotherapy is the profession you really want to pursue. To assist you with this decision, you could obtain some work experience or seek advice from a career counsellor. If you still wish to pursue physiotherapy as a career and you have no Year 12 qualification, or if your first ATAR was not high enough, you may consider re-sitting Year 12. Alternatively, you could enrol in another course with the view to reapplying for CSU's Bachelor of Physiotherapy in future. You should enrol in a course that is of interest to you, that you feel you will do well in and that you will be happy to stay in should you not be accepted into the Bachelor of Physiotherapy on your following applications. All Bachelor degrees are considered equally and no preference is given to particular fields of study. International applicants International applicants should apply direct to the University for admission to the Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Places are highly competitive, and students should submit an application at the earliest opportunity. First-round offers are made in August, and if places remain, second-round offers may be made in September or October. Late applications will be considered with applicants for the next intake. International students who have already completed a Diploma or equivalent may be eligible for credit for relevant study. Credit packages may be available for some Diplomas. Applicants with a prior qualification, such as a Diploma, Advanced Diploma or equivalent, may apply at the time of application. Subject outlines are to be submitted for credit to be assessed. Non-school leavers / mature-aged applicants Each year, depending on the quality of applications, around 20 to 25 students are admitted who are not directly from Year 12. Some may have completed as little as one year of university study in another degree, and others may have completed degrees and have significant life experience. Non-school leavers are judged on a combination of their ATAR and their grades at a Bachelor level (or higher) from a tertiary institution. The primary method of ranking non-school leaver applicants is according to the Grade Point Average (GPA) of previous tertiary study plus their ATAR. The length of prior study is also taken into account, as well as the level of study, e.g. Bachelor degree versus postgraduate degree. All Bachelor degrees are considered equal - no preference is given to particular fields of study. Physical demands CSU's Bachelor of Physiotherapy course involves physical demands on students, particularly in clinical placements. Students will be undertaking practical classes where they will be expected to practise skills on other students as well as act as models for their colleagues. Any students who believe that they may have difficulty with these requirements are advised to contact the Course Coordinator or the Student Equity Officer through info.csu on 1800 334 733 before enrolling. Travel away from home You will undertake clinical placements away from your home campus and place of residence. CSU will locate and organise clinical placements for you and you will have some preference in the allocation of placements, however, these preferences cannot always be met. [-]

Licenciatura En Ciencias Médicas

Macquarie University
Campus Tiempo completo January 2017 Australia North Ryde

Este grado interdisciplinario le brinda una amplia experiencia en las ciencias necesarias para la investigación en materia de salud médica, biomédica y relacionados ... [+]

Licenciado en Ciencias Médicas


Este grado interdisciplinario le proporciona una amplia base en las ciencias necesarias para la investigación en medicina, biomedicina y otros temas profesiones de la salud. Este grado es un programa amplio y flexible en las ciencias biológicas, químicas y biomoleculares que proporciona una base sólida para continuar sus estudios en las áreas médicas, paramédicas con un fuerte enfoque en habilidades de investigación.

Las características clave

Ofrece una amplia gama de ciencias prácticas y aplicadas requeridos en los servicios de salud médicas, biomédicas y relacionadas. Proporciona una base sólida para estudios de posgrado en las áreas de salud médicas, paramédicas. Apoyo y asesoramiento a disposición de los mentores académicos con experiencia en las ciencias médicas. ... [-]

Licenciatura En Ciencias Médicas

Charles Sturt University
Campus o En línea Tiempo completo Tiempo Parcial 3 - 6  January 2017 Australia Wagga Wagga + 1 más

Licenciatura CSU 's de la Ciencia Médica es un curso reconocido internacionalmente y acreditado con una orgullosa historia se extiende por 20 años. Este curso ofrece diversas opciones de carrera en la industria del cuidado de la salud. [+]

Licenciado en Ciencias Médicas

¿Ha tenido alguna vez un análisis de sangre ordenado por un médico? ¿Algún miembro de su familia ha tenido una prueba de Papanicolaou? ¿Algún miembro de la familia ha tenido una transfusión de sangre? ¿Conoces a alguien que sufre de trastornos del sistema respiratorio, cardiovascular o nervioso? ¿Alguna vez requieren medicamentos? Si es así, lo cierto es que las habilidades, conocimientos especializados y la experiencia de un médico científico ha jugado un papel importante en su vida y las vidas de quienes le rodean.

Los científicos médicos con formación en forma de patología del eslabón vital en la cadena de servicios médicos a través de su trabajo en laboratorios de los hospitales privados, laboratorios de patología y universidades. Llevan a cabo análisis de laboratorio en sangre o fluidos corporales y tejidos para proporcionar información científica vital para la prevención, diagnóstico y tratamiento de enfermedades.... [-]

Soltero De Podología

Charles Sturt University
Campus Tiempo completo January 2017 Australia Albury

Este es el curso de podología sólo ofrecido por una universidad regional en Australia y fue desarrollado en respuesta a la escasez de pediatras en las áreas no metropolitanas de Australia. Podología tiene un papel importante que desempeñar en la salud de Australia. [+]

Licenciado en Podología

Este es el curso de podología sólo ofrecido por una universidad regional en Australia y fue desarrollado en respuesta a la escasez de pediatras en las áreas no metropolitanas de Australia.

Podología tiene un papel importante que desempeñar en la salud de Australia. A través de la proyección de los pies de las personas con diabetes para la prevención de riesgos y proporcionar cuidado de los pies en una serie de poblaciones, podólogos puede retrasar y prevenir la hospitalización para muchos pacientes. Podólogos jugar un papel importante en el mantenimiento de la movilidad y la salud general y la independencia de muchos miembros de la comunidad. ... [-]